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LC02 Controller

Take control of your lighting plants. By doing nothing.

Save man hours, pro-actively control fuel consumption and extend equipment life.

The LC02 can be fitted to your lighting tower and programmed to automatically shutdown your equipment after a specified period of time, or by utilising daylight sensing technology.

It just makes sense.


Light Sensing

The LC02 uses PE Cell technology for precision light sensing and allows you to tune the amount of light you need before the engine shutdown is automatically initiated.

Timer Based

The timer based shutdown system ensures the engine never runs longer than it has to. Combined with the light sensing technology, you're totaly covered.

Stay Informed

The LCD touchscreen model of the LC02 provides important information such as service hours and system voltage to help you further extend the life of your equipment.

Fully Compatible

The LC02 has been designed with compatibility in mind. It supports a huge voltage range (AC & DC). This means it's ready for your plant equipement.


The 5 in / 5 out, fully programmable micro controller.

The CS10 from Tefol is the solution to an array of issues and process enhancements. It can be thought of as a PLC with 10 I/O's that can survive harsh conditions such as mining environments.

The exact same controller is used in our legendary TefLites 11000 lighting tower, but we know this little box has even more potential.