We make the best lighting towers on the planet.

Premium Australian Made Lighting Towers

Skid based, ultra low voltage LED lights, single cylinder engine and incredibly tough.

The TefLite 11000

One of the largest mining corporations in the world came to Tefol after purchasing lighting towers from another manufacturer that were simply not up to the task.

Tefol took the time to truly understand what was required, and in typical Tefol fashion worked closely with stakeholders and our engineering team to produce a masterpiece worthy of world class product status.

Drag it around, push it, bash it; then turn it on. Or program it to take care of itself.

Another amazing product from a company that knows how to manufacture above and beyond harsh mining environments - with the perfect combination of simplicity and technology.

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232,920 lumens. 1 lighting tower.

Eight Ultra Low Voltage, Solid State LED Lights.

The TefLite 11000 is fitted with eight Coolon CP56 industrial flood lights.

These premium lights are designed and manufactured in Australia specifically for industrial applications and suited to situations where bulb maintenance is difficult or impossible.

Bottom line, if there was a better light available, we'd use it.

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Turning heads. 300 degrees.

Hydraulically Powered Swivel Base.

The TefLite 11000 uses an hydraulically powered base to rotate the boom and light head through 300 degrees.

The base is made from solid steel and all hydraulic hoses, steel pipes and fittings are the best that money can buy.

1500rpm and 1 cylinder.

German engineering meets Italian craftsmanship.

Powered by a HATZ German single cylinder engine which also features HATZ's world famous 'Silent Pack' as standard for quiet operation.

The Italian Sincro alternator are tried and tested for use in mobile lighting tower applications and represent the most reliable product available.

More Info - HATZ
More Info - Sincro

Drag, push, bash. Then use.

Bash bar, tow hooks and 300mm skids

The skids the TefLites 11000 lighting tower are made from top quality Australian made steel. The 300mm I-Beams also have 45 degree approaches to cater for mining terrain.

Heavy duty pipe surrounds the lighting tower and provides a level of protection we haven't seen before.

It's the strongest thing we could think of putting between the lighting tower and the blade of a large dozer.