The finest remote trailers. Available anywhere.

Amazing Remote Power Solutions.

A renewable energy source that can go anywhere and do anything.

Unrivaled Tefol Quality.

When some of worlds largest mining companies such as BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto look to Tefol to provide custom manufactured products, you know it has to be the best. The best materials, meticulous craftsmanship and most importantly the most reliable product available.

Tefol’s engineering team have years of experience and work with all our customers to realise their unique requirements and create a masterpiece perfectly suited to their business.

TefTrailers are Tefol's amazing solution to remote power problems such as those commonly found on mine sites. They are the result of years of engineering, design, manufacturing and assembly and we think we've got the best product on the market.

Each requirement is treated seperately and reviewed by Tefol engineers to ensure the end result achieves the correct result. We do not sell products, we insist on solving problems.

Remote power solutions with no limits.

CCTV, Dust/Air Monitoring, Telemetry. Anything.

TefTrailers are used to solve a variety of remote power issues such as remote survelliance of a mine site using CCTV, linking communication blackspots and environmental monitoring and reporting.

Tefol's philosophy of proving world class solutions, and not just products is obvious. Our engineers and designers work with our customers to ensure we understand your issue, and that we are able to provide you with a truly stunning solution.

Power for up to 7 days without sunlight.

Sustainable, renewable energy power solutions.

TefTrailers use the latest solar and wind technology to achieve sustainable levels of power required to run the intended instrument(s) for up to 7 days without sunlight, and with options like automatic washing systems for areas with low rainfall you'll always have the best use of the premium solar panels.

Tefol engineers review each customers usage and environment to determine the power requirements and ensure an appropriate solution is designed and built for you. We work with many third party instrument providers to obtain technical data.